Providing Relevant, Concise Services with Sensitivity to Physicians
Physician Services

Physician’s time is valuable. Time combined with education, documentations, formal appeals, etc. takes away from direct patient care. We work with physicians when the time in convenient. Our auditing services are done off-site to not disrupt the day-to-day office/staff operations and the delivery of patient care.

E/M or Evaluation and Management are the visits each physician has with his/her patients. These visits can be done by almost every specialty in many different healthcare delivery areas such as the office, hospitals, nursing homes and emergency rooms. Depending on the type of patient and the type of service being rendered, there are various levels of service that could be billed. Each level and type of service has specific requirements that must be documented in order for the service to be substantiated and thus reimbursable by the various payers. Both sets of documentation guidelines (developed in 1995 and then revised again in 1997) are still in place today and can be used for each encounter; whichever must accurately portray the documentation and the level of service billed.
We take each encounter through a rigorous review in-line with the documentation guidelines used by CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services).  Understanding that each of the Medicare Carriers has its own criteria, HRAA ensures that the correct criteria is used when reviewing your documentation.  
The education that follows an audit includes basic fundamentals of appropriate documentation for the levels of service billed. Physician are introduced to specific issues noted within the documented service along with recommendations for document improvement.