Immerse Staff with Specific Curriculum Ensuring Maximum Retention

There are many styles of teaching and learning. The key to successful education is to first consider the expectation of your audience. If you would like to expose your audience to a new subject, then a onetime seminar or audio conference will suffice. Studies have shown that most people forget fifty percent of what is said in the first two minutes, and twenty-five percent after eight minutes, and the rest can retain the information only for about a month. Studies conducted by the US Department of Education show that we only retain 10-25% of what we hear after a 30 day period.

Under Andrea Clark’s leadership, HRAA has developed a reputation as the leading educational organization.  Working together with subject matter experts, Ms. Clark has developed a training curriculum that doesn’t just expose coders, physicians and ancillary staff to various concepts and topics, but immerse them into a vigorous specific curriculum that ensures they learn and retain the skills needed to apply what they have learned. 

HRAA offers various customized training and educational opportunities to its clients including:

​All topics are eligible for AHIMA CEUs; Topics marked * are approved for AAPC CEUs 

Comprehensive ICD-10 Education