Andrea Clark is selected as the 2012 AHIMA Triumph Awards Mentor of the Year!!!

Please join HRAA in congratulating Andrea Clark, RHIA, CCS, CPC-H our CEO, Chairman and Founder in being selected as the 2012 AHIMA Triumph Awards Mentor of the Year!!!  The Mentor Award honors individuals with long records of encouraging students or colleagues to realize their full potential, or have helped them find ways to achieve their best. 

The AHIMA Triumph Awards are national awards designed to recognize those special individuals who have made a difference in the HIM profession. This award program was developed to forecast trends in HIM, envision HIM roles in the future, and focus on emerging HIM knowledge and skills. The AHIMA Triumph Awards honor leadership in the HIM field, reward contributions that build our knowledge base, recognize excellence in preparing future HIM professionals, and encourage new leadership.

In order to even be considered for the Mentor Award, the candidate must show that they are a rare professional who touches lives and launches professionals toward new horizons.  Andrea’s successes and actions far surpass this qualification.  Andrea has demonstrated a record of motivating talented young people to enter the HIM profession for the last 20 years and provides ongoing, long-term career guidance to HIM professionals.

Andrea supports the training process for new professionals through teaching, serving on panel presentations and advising individual students. However, Andrea’s main achievement toward the Mentor Award is the Coding Mentorship that she recently established.  Andrea’s vision of providing quality coding services with US based coders, as oppose to other firms that are outsourcing jobs outside of the US has been realized and continues to expand.  We all know how tough it is currently to get a job, even if one has the appropriate skills and education.  Employers might not want to admit it, but a candidate with working experience will be hired instead of the candidate that has just graduated.  This couldn’t be more evident in the healthcare industry where the average age of a coder is 54.

Andrea has established this Coding Mentorship with focus on revenue cycle integration.  In the latest wave, Andrea has hired 14 new graduates with little or no experience and is training them through various boot camps and education sessions to prepare them for the actual job.  This mentorship offers an opportunity for the graduates to utilize their coding skills beyond their initial credentials and the confidence to strive in this profession now and in the future.

Andrea unselfishly gives her time and energy to help others and provides opportunities, and is always able to make time to offer a hand.  This award is a testament to the outstanding work Andrea has done and continues to do to assure a bright future for the HIM professionals of tomorrow.

The Awards will be presented at the 2012 AHIMA Convention and Exhibit in Chicago, IL, on October 1, 2012. Congratulations Andrea!