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HRAA knows that coding medical documentation lies at the heart of the revenue cycle in a hospital.  Accuracy is paramount, efficiency is essential and timeliness is critical.  Failure, even on the smallest scale in any of these areas, will cause an impact on the bottom line, especially if your coders are not completely prepared for ICD-10.  HRAA has assembled a very large staff of direct employee, certified coders who have gone through a rigorous testing process to identify the absolute best candidates followed by an internal QA program that includes automatic and regular review/audits to ensure maximum coder accuracy and productivity. 

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​Moving the Needle: Using Medical Data to Transform Healthcare from Volume to Value

Dread. Fear. Resistance. Anger. Denial. The growing cost of the biggest change to hit healthcare in three decades — Welcome to ICD-1o.  What will this change mean for doctors, nurses, coders, and managers? 

Authored by Andrea Clark, Moving the Needle: Using Medical Data to Transform Healthcare from Volume to Value addresses the struggle of healthcare practitioners whose jobs it will be to ensure the future of patient care, and offers timely help for the most important skill any healthcare worker can obtain in the coming transition: the ability to effectively navigate change to engineer their own future success story.

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